• ClientVanelli
  • CategoryWebsite
  • RoleUX/UI Designer
  • Year2022

Project Overview

This project involved UX and UI designer who worked synergistically in order to build an innovative solution.


For the Vanelli brand, which is the leader of its sector, a new generation and strong. He needed a website with a concept. Vanelli Hilton, Four Seasons, It is a company that meets all the textile and furniture needs of hotels like Richmond. For a company with such a strong portfolio, I had the chance to build an elegantly designed website that showcases its strength.


Their current site looked very old and messy. I redesigned it in line with my own design qualities and eyes.

  • SunsetResearch
  • SunsetUser Persona
  • SunsetUser Flow
  • SunsetWireframe
  • SunsetDesign
  • SunsetPrototyping

My Role

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Delivery

Discovery Phase

Questioning and surveys are an easy way to gather a large information about a group in minimal amount of time. It is a great choice researching projects that have a large and diverse user group that cares about anonymity.


Design system

Before creating a design system, I saw that the devices used by students, the primary target group, work under Android operating system.

Thus, I created a design system structure in compliance with the Material Design rules.

Colour Palette


User demands, user experience trends in the world and trends of university students, which is our primary target group, have been taken into account while preparing wireframes and the application infrastructure. A wireframe flow has been designed, where we can create a design system that is able to be adapted to new features.

Design Screens

1st Iteration
Final Design

Expressing the visionary and modern goals of our brand, He needed a website that could keep up with the new world. The new language emerging in this direction is extremely modern and even I must say it was even better than we expected.

Yeliz Yılman Vanelli Operation Manager