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Roald Amundsen is a Norwegian artic explorer and an international polar hero. He was the first man to ever set foot on the South Pole, and later he led the first undisputed expedition to reach the North Pole. On June the 17th 1928 Amundsen locked the front door of his house and left. He had scrambled together a private rescue mission to save his arch nemesis, Umberto Nobile, an Italian airship designer turned polar explorer, who had crash landed with his crew into the pack ice east of Svalbard. Roald Amundsen never returned from the ice. His house is now a museum, kept as he left it that evening.


The Follo museum, who are in charge of governing the house with its grounds and collection, wanted the world to be able to experience Amundsen’s home, but at the same time they did not want an increase in visitors in the already fragile rooms. The pure inaccessibility of the house, some 45 minutes from Oslo, had naturally shielded it from ever becoming a hotspot for tourists, and through limited opening hours and guided tours, the museum had managed to keep the wear and tear of the building down to a minimum. So how could they make the museum more accessible? For Follo Museum the solution was as beautiful as it was bold.


Design Process

The biggest problem experienced was to gather bicycle lovers and to allow them to share content. The bicycle tournament to be held in the year, when the application (2015) was commissioned.

Alternative 1 rejected
Alternative 2 accepted